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    Columbia junior wins Big Buck contest

    By John Hummer  Exponent staff writer In these days of texting and gaming among school age kids, anything that encourages them to get outside, get...

  • Deer

    DNR conservation officer finds lost hunter in Mackinac County

    Late Sunday night, a Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officer located a missing hunter who had become lost after leaving his hunting blind to...

  • chicken and dumplings


    Favorite for deer camp: Dutch oven chicken and dumplings

    Glenn McJennett shared a favorite recipe of Dutch oven chicken and dumplings, which appears below. Do you have a favorite recipe of photo to share...

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    Helpful reminders for firearm deer season, starting this Sunday

    This Sunday, Nov. 15, tens of thousands of Michigan residents and nonresidents will take to the fields and forests to enjoy deer hunting. The Department...

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    Lake Columbia beauty

    This picture was taken in the early morning at Lake Columbia by John Dale. While we live here full time, it is easy to forget the...

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    Dahlem Center, scouts joining forces to get kids outside

    From rock climbing to white water rafting, to just playing outside, local children are invited to learn all about the outdoors, and outdoors stewardship, by joining the Dahlem Venturing Crew. High...

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    New fishing regulations adopted

    Cavin Eisenhauer showed off a nice smallmouth bass he caught last summer on Lake Erie in this photo submitted to The Exponent. “It was such...

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    Local hunter shares her secrets

    Cheryl Westbrook, an art teacher in the Onsted School District, is an extremely successful hunter. By Steve Linenfelser Fall is officially here. The leaves are changing,...

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    109-year-old smallmouth bass state record broken

    Greg Gasiciel of Rhodes, Michigan, recently set a new state-record catch for smallmouth bass with a fish he caught Sunday on Hubbard Lake in Alcona...

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    A local photographer continues to snap awesome pics. Kimberly Kotzian, who snapped this photo of a green heron getting lunch, continues to take some of the coolest local...

  • Poached


    Could cougars make their way to Jackson County?

    If the stuffed cougar above could talk, he would have quite a story to tell. During the 2013 muzzle-loader deer hunting season in the Upper...

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    Photo of the day: Oct. 9

    Adagio with the common name Maiden Grass, near Noony dam at Vineyard Lake shimmers in the autumn sunlight. Photo by Matt Schepeler, and a tip of the hat to Kristine Kelley...

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    Sir-Limps-A-Lot is getting along fine

    Last year Brooklyn resident Cheryl Clancy noted that a one-legged sandhill crane, affectionately named Sir-Limps-A-Lot, spent the summer around her Vineyard Lake home. She said that...

  • scsign


    Brooklyn Sportsmans Club: Past, present, and future

    By Steve Linenfelser Question: If you woke up to a fire in middle of the night and could only take one material thing out of...

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    Cubs survive illegal black bear killing in Oceana County

    Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists today said the recent illegal killing of a female black bear, which had three cubs with her, has...

  • Little Stoney Lake


    On Little Stoney Lake

    Kelley Keefe sent us this great sunset photo from Little Stoney Lake. Have you taken a good picture lately? We want your pictures for and...

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    Last chance for G.R.E.A.T. canoe trip in Jackson County

    Sylvia Kay paddled down Goose Creek from Cement City to Lake Columbia in 2013 as part of a G.R.E.A.T. event. The Jackson-based organization is holding...

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    Tips for safe bowhunting

    Michigan’s bowhunting season opened October 1, and Department of Natural Resources conservation officers are sharing tips for a safe bowhunting experience. “Bowhunting is enjoyed by...

  • Massasauga_rattlesnake


    Lawmaker wants to know: have you seen a massasauga rattlesnake lately?

    State senator Mike Shirkey wants to hear from residents who have encountered eastern massasauga rattle snake like the one pictured above. By Matt Schepeler  A few...

  • Hunting

    Ohio man dies after falling from tree stand in Huron County

    The Michigan Department of Natural Resources have reported that a 45-year-old Ohio man died after falling from his tree stand this morning in Huron County. The name...

  • picforweb


    New hunting camp in Norvell Township designed to help wounded veterans heal

    Men and women of the military who have been scarred in battle, either physically or mentally, soon will have a place to turn to for...

  • Jesse Galvin


    Wanted: your hunting, fishing and outdoors photos

    Wanted: your pictures for and The Exponent. In the photo above, Jesse Galvin showed off a nice bird he took last spring during turkey season…and...



    Hayes, Waterloo, other state campgrounds announce fall events

    Fall camping can be fantastic. It is not as hot as summer, the leaves and atmosphere in the campgrounds can be spectacular, and getting out there...



    Lunar eclipse caught by Clarklaker

    Looking much like an eye in the sky, the start of the lunar eclipse Sunday evening captured many people’s imagination. Local photographer Deb Sautter snapped...

  • tentforweb


    Steve’s excellent Canadian camping adventure

    Steve Linenfelser, the Exponent Outdoor Adventure writer, recently took a trip to Canada. Following is his story, and he is sticking to it. Canada, our...

  • horsing around


    Horsing around

    Lynne Mikulen-Kaiden took advantage of the great early-autumn weather and took her horse, Dolly, for a ride into Brooklyn on Thursday, Sept. 24. Mikulen-Kaiden is...

  • riverraisin


    Good news for River Raisin

    There is good news about the health of the River Raisin. The DEQ’s Office of the Great Lakes announced significant progress in the River Raisin’s...

  • Booth boys


    A Booth trifecta

    David Booth, left, enjoyed a day he will never forget last May when Daryl Booth, his father, and David W. Booth, his son and he...

  • Mushroom on a tree


    Learn about fungus!

    Toadstools, mushrooms and puffballs pop up in the autumn in Michigan woods and fields, but do you know what ones are edible and which ones...

  • The arrangement of the spiral arms in the galaxy Messier 63, seen here in a new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, recall the pattern at the centre of a sunflower. So the nickname for this cosmic object — the Sunflower Galaxy — is no coincidence. Discovered by Pierre Mechain in 1779, the galaxy later made it as the 63rd entry into fellow French astronomer Charles Messier’s famous catalogue, published in 1781. The two astronomers spotted the Sunflower Galaxy’s glow in the small, northern constellation Canes Venatici (the Hunting Dogs). We now know this galaxy is about 27 million light-years away and belongs to the M51 Group — a group of galaxies, named after its brightest member, Messier 51, another spiral-shaped galaxy dubbed the Whirlpool Galaxy. Galactic arms, sunflowers and whirlpools are only a few examples of nature’s apparent preference for spirals. For galaxies like Messier 63 the winding arms shine bright because of the presence of recently formed, blue–white giant stars, readily seen in this Hubble image.


    Learn about the autumn night sky in Adrian

    From the Robinson Planetarium in Adrian: With the frosty evenings of fall upon us and the celebration of All Hallows Eve near, the winged horse...